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Standard and Custom Engineered Aero and Gas Turbine Flow Test Systems
Flow Systems design, manufacture, and support flow measurement components and integrated test systems. From individual flow meters to complete test systems that can easily integrate with your information systems, Flow Systems produce the full range of products for flow measurement and control. Primarily serve the aerospace, automotive, energy, metrology, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas industries.

Flow Systems air test systems exceed OEM uncertainty requirements for:

GE / MHPS / Pratt & Whitney / Rolls Royce / Siemens / Solar / Ansaldo etc.

Flow Systems Products

Flow Systems designs and manufactures flowmeters, flow computers, flow controllers, and complete test stands which meet a wide variety of application requirements.


  • Aircraft & Industrial Gas Turbine Air Test Stand
  • Flow Computers & Controllers
  • Body Leakage Test Stands
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor Test Stands
  • Cone Mixers

Vehicle Body Leak Testing

  • Body Leakage Test Stand Comparisons
  • Body Leakage Test Stand - 4th Generation
  • Body Leakage Test Stand - BLTS-175

Aircraft & Industrial Gas Turbine Air Test Stands

  • High Flow Air Test Stand
  • Medium Flow Air Test Stand
  • Low Flow Air Test Stand
  • Mini Flow Air Test Stand
  • Mega Flow Air Test Stand
  • Portable Air Flow Test Stand
  • Custom Tooling and Fixturing Options
  • Liquid Flow Test Stand

Flow Systems Unique Features:

  • Class Leading System Accuracy – Flow Systems Air Flow Test Systems uncertainty at 0.29% Vs competition at 0.50% to 2.0%
  • Service Capability – Worldwide Onsite and remote technical assistance available
  • In house software team – Custom developed Labview® software
  • In house NIST Accredited Calibration Lab
  • In house advanced tooling & system design and manufacturing team – Improves accuracy and reduces cycle time of testing

Benefits of Advanced/Automated Tooling

Reduce cycle time

  • Eliminating taping
  • Automated clamping
  • Reduction of sealing leakage
  • Quick system fit up

Improve accuracy of results

  • Proper Plenum sizing and geometry
  • Reduction of sealing surface leaks
  • Installed pressure and temperature port

On-Site Calibration

On-site calibration services are provided for Flow Systems flow measurement test stands. Calibration services for all test stands are recommended to be performed annually or semi-annually. This service includes pressure transducer and temperature sensor calibration as well as flow audits using highly accurate master sonic nozzles, Coriolis meters, or other flow standards brought to site. Also included is a check of the operation, functionality and maintenance of each unit and verification of the system’s accuracy and repeat-ability.

All calibrations are traceable to National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) standards. Calibration service is also available for sonic nozzles, Venturis, Flow Computers and Controllers.

Custom Test Stand Development

Utilizing expertise in test stand development and software customization, Flow Systems has developed a variety of custom systems for customers in addition to the standard test stand models offered. Customers can request a completely custom system or a customized variant of a standard product.

Software Customization & Integration

Flow Systems test stands, flow computers, and flow controllers are managed by sophisticated controller software based on a National Instruments Labview platform. These software applications integrate flow measurement, flow-rate control, test scheduling, and real-time and historical reporting.

Flow Meter Design & Fabrication

Flow Systems designs and manufactures a variety of flow meters including: Sonic Nozzles (critical flow Venturis), ASME Flow Nozzles, subsonic Venturis, and orifice meters. In addition, customized fixturing options can be fabricated to connect custom equipment with Flow Systems products.

Field Engineering Services

Flow Systems field engineering services are available to assist clients in periodic verification of their component or systems calibration, repeat-ability, software functionality and/or overall performance. Other services include installation of system upgrades including hardware and software, custom modifications, retrofits, trouble-shooting, maintenance, system diagnostics and correction.


Critical flow measurement and/or flow testing classes are available for various group sizes, onsite at the customer's facility or at Flow Systems in Berthoud, Colorado. Other training services include flow bench operator training, flow stand software and hardware functionality and routine maintenance.


Engineering services are available to assist clients to better understand, design or improve their flow measurement processes, test specifications, or results. Flow Systems is also available to provide detailed project design and analysis services as well as equipment recommendations and custom project solutions. 

High Flow Air Test Stand

The High Flow Air Test Stand is an air flow measurement system specially designed for highly accurate and repeatable measurement at a wide range of flowrates. It measures air flow for large aircraft and land-based, gas turbine parts, and meets a wide range of component flow range air testing needs of OEMs and their suppliers.

Key Features:

  • Low Uncertainty (±0.29%)
  • Highly repeatable results (±0.15%)
  • Wide range of part test pressures and mass flow rates
  • Highly customizable controller software for test automation and data management
  • Up to 2 outlet ports

Related Products for Measuring Different Flow Ranges

The High Flow Air Test Stand is one in a series of air flow test stands designed for the aircraft, aeroderivative and IGT turbine engine-based component industries. These test stands are designed to provide complete, automated solutions for flow measurement.

Complies with OEM Test Specifications

OEMs and their suppliers worldwide require quality airflow measurement of passages in both aircraft and land-based turbine engine components. Each OEM has a unique testing specification and their suppliers must be flexible with the test procedures in order to comply with each OEM test specification. Accuracy, repeatability, throughput and availability are critical elements in the design of these test systems. These air flow test systems currently comply with the in-house testing procedures of ABB/Alstom Power, ABB Gas Turbines, Pratt & Whitney America, Pratt & Whitney Canada, General Electric Aircraft Engines (General Electric Infra, Aviation), General Electric Power Systems (General Electric Infra, Energy), Honeywell, Mitsubishi Power Systems, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Allison Engine, Rolls-Royce, Solar Turbines, Siemens, Siemens-Westinghouse, Snecma, and many others.

Traceable to NIST

All Flow Systems air test stand sonic nozzles and instruments (P&T) are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

System Specifications

The High Flow Air Test Stand is available three configurations:
Configuration Air Mass Flow Range Sonic Nozzle Diameter Range# of Sonic Nozzles Turndown


0.0005 – 0.9 lbm/sec

0.031″ – 0.707″



Option 1

0.001 – 0.9 lbm/sec

0.044″ – 0.707″



Option 2

0.0005 – 2.0 lbm/sec

0.031″ – 1.000″



Additional Specifications



Part Pressure Range

1.0 – 20.0 psig, 0.25 – 30 psig optional, custom range available

Part Pressure Ratio Range

1.07 – 2.36, 1.02 – 3.0.4 optional, custom range available


±0.29% of reading, NIST traceable


Less than ±0.15%, as defined as 2 standard deviations divided by the mean of 20 identical samples.  Included in uncertainty above and may encompass effects from air supply, flow bench, plenum and connecting volume and part.

Cycle Time

20 – 60 seconds, capacity dependent

Flow Ports Connections – Low Flow

2.5″ Sanitary Flange

Flow Ports Connections – High Flow

6.0″ Sanitary Flange

Pressure Connections

1/4″ (-4) Swagelok Instrumentation Female Quick Connectors QC series, color keyed


65″ H x 62″ W x 36″ D


1,000 pounds

For additional information on system specifications, refer Flow System Website https://www.flowsystemsinc.com/high-flow-air-test-stand/

H2O Flow Test Stand

The H2O Flow Test Stand is a flow measurement system designed for flow testing heavy industrial gas turbine liquid fuel nozzles.

Key Features:

  • Water Flow Range: 0.2 to 14 GPM
  • Accurate measurement (±0.5%)
  • Highly repeatable results (< ±0.25%)

System Specifications

The H2O Flow Test Stand comes in the following configuration:



Flow Elements

Micro Motion Elite Series Meter (or equivalent)

Water Flow Range

0.2 – 14 GPM (1.44 – 100.7 PPH)

Part Pressure Range

34 – 390 PSIG

Flow Number Ranges

@ 34.5psi and flow range of 0.2 to 14gpm, 17< Fn <1192
@ 50 psi and flow range of 0.2 to 14gpm, 14< Fn < 990
@ 100 psi and flow range of 0.2 to 14gpm, 12< Fn < 700
@ 390 psi and flow range of 0.2 to 9gpm, 5 < Fn < 228


±0.5% of reading, NIST traceable


±0.25%, defined as 2 standard deviations divided by the mean of 20 samples



Cycle Time

45 – 120 seconds, capcity dependent

Flow Port Connections

3/4″ (-12) Swagelok QF Female Quick Disconnect

Pressure Connections

1/4″ (-4) Swagelok Instrumentation Female Quick Connectors QC series, color-keyed

Total Dimensions

72″ H x 150″ W x 38″ D (without spray chamber)

Tank Skid Dimensions

70″ H x 27″ W x 31″ D

Pump Skid Dimensions

55″ H x 28″ W x 41″ D

Flow Stand Dimensions

65″ H x 58″ W x 36″ D

Spray Chamber Dimensions

63″ H x 48″ W x 48″ D


1000 pounds

Built with Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Components

All Flow Systems designs, the test system controller, data acquisition and control subsystems, and all instrumentation are standard and readily available Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) items. This ensures that service or replacement of any item can be achieved in a timely manner, providing for high availability of our products. When applicable, this includes all of the Unit Under Test related instrumentation specified by the customer.

For additional information on system specifications, refer Flow System Website