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UNISYS is a global supplier and carries a reasonable stock the complete line of GE Speedtronic turbine controls, Excitation and LCI controls parts and have the capability of sourcing parts through their worldwide network of prominent stockists and suppliers. All parts supplied carries a standard warranty. Unisys supply New Factory, New Surplus, Unused, Remanufactured parts and also provide Test and Repair of control parts including controls Training to help engineers, operators and maintenance technicians to optimize the performance and expertise in the control system. UNISYS supply Multilin series platform of advanced protection and control relays for performance management, protection and control for transformer, generator, motor and feeder applications.


GE Mark VI

The Mark VI easily scales and adapts to ever-evolving requirements in thermal and renewable power generation, Oil & Gas, and safety applications.Advanced performance for your connected plant with GE's integrated control system solutions. The Mark VI offers flexibility, scalability, and common configuration and standards-based operational interfaces to integrate with basic process control systems. This allows world-class safety functionality to connect to existing processes, creating a seamless safety program and reducing the installed and operating costs of your control system. The Mark VI enables real-time visualization by sharing data through plant-wide control systems, HMI, data historians, device management systems, and platform-wide trending tools. Key personnel gain access to critical operational information, allowing them to make better, faster decisions.

GE Mark II

The Mark II improved upon the Mark I by introducing solid-state integrated circuits and a new cabinet arrangement. The circuitry allowed the practical use of complex functions like combustion monitoring for the first time.The MKII used digital logic software for sequencing.

GE Mark IV

The Mark IV introduced a more user-friendly CRT operator interface that would display the state of logic functions and values. The display made it easier for operators to change values when needed, which could be done from the panel.

GE Mark V

The Mark V system is a digital execution of the turbine and refined in around 40 years of successful experience, more than 80% of which has experienced the utilization of electronicGE industrial controls technology. Operator interface to the Mark V could be set up with an Interface Data processor.


Mark VIe system introduced as a upgrade migration from earlier legacy systems. The Mark VIe included many options, including single, dual, and triple-modular redundant controllers. MKVIe offers extended capabilities to users.

GE Excitation EX 2000

Introduced in 1993 and produced until 2002, the GE EX2000 family of automatic voltage regulators and excitation systems continue to serve variety of turbine-generator applications.The compact system footprint and reliable architecture can now be modernized over time and as budget and operating reliability requirements demand.

GE Excitation EX 2100e

GE Excitation EX2100e excitation control system is a software-enabled generator control system applicable for steam (including nuclear), gas, and hydro generators. The EX2100e has configurations for both new installations and retrofit of existing systems. EX2100e control hardware and software is an integral part of the Mark VIe control product line.



Testing and Repair

Repair and Test of circuit boards to ensure functionality.

Spare Parts

Condition New and Refurbished modules available.

Custom Services

Controls upgrades.


Controls Training for Engineers, Technicians and Operators.

Asset Recovery

Maximizing the value of unused or end of life assets.

Field Services

Troubleshooting and Commissioning of Controls.