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Unisys Technical Solutions FZC (UTS) is a part of UNISYS group with office located in Ajman Free Zone, United Arab Emirates. Company is owned and managed by experienced team of engineers and business professionals who have been active in the Power Generation, Oil & Gas Industry. The company specialize in the Design, Engineering, Installation, Testing and Commissioning works of Automation & Control Panels, PLC/SCADA and HMI as per end user requirements. We supply floor-standing or wall-mounted aluminium or steel sheet cabinets.

We offer a range of hardware & software products that allow you to build SCADA, HMI applications. All products are high quality, reliable and easy to integrate; SCADA software is easy to use and cost effective. Our offer is directed towards solution providers, system integrators, electrical installers, plant managers, operators of public utility networks. Our stand-out feature and strength lie in the ability to offer, in addition to the products, a prompt, accurate and thorough technical support.

The company also undertakes supply of project material as well as turnkey projects. Our success is inextricably linked to our professional and technical capabilities and to our team of highly committed, skilled and trained staff. UNISYS Technical Solutions covering wide range of applications including the following services:

Automation Solutions

UNISYS Technical Solution offers turnkey integrated industrial automation solutions based on state-of-the art PLC and SCADA technologies for a wide range of industrial automation applications including manufacturing, utilities and service industries.

HMI, SCADA, Electrical & Control Panels

Design and Assembly of the enclosures for the projects and also as an independent service for our clients:
  • Design and manufacturing of HMI and SCADA with Respect to the requirement of Different Utilities.
  • Design and manufacturing of Control & Relay Panels (33KV) with Respect to the requirement of Different Utilities.
  • Design and Manufacturing of LV Panels, Wall Mounted Distribution Panels and PLC Based HVAC Control Panel with Industrial Standards.
  • Design and Manufacturing of Solar Panels

3rd Party Commissioning Management Services

Provides commissioning management services helping the industrial facility contractor or owner in successful and proper testing and commissioning. Our automation solutions are based on standard and open products avoiding any proprietary solutions in order to simplify the integration with other existing systems and future expansions on Utility Standards.

Being a commissioning service provider is reflected on the way we implement our projects by giving the right attention and time to the details during design stage and to properly engineer our solutions in a way that guarantees a smooth system Installation and commissioning.



The Automation Division offers turnkey integrated Industrial / Substation Automation Solutions starting from the plant floor (PLC/HMI, SCADA) and continuing up to the Manufacturing Information Systems (MIS). This helps us enable our clients in optimizing their process in return achieving the highest level of efficiency by maximizing system availability and minimizing system downtime, at the same time maintaining upper level supervision and real-time monitoring offering the followings:


We have capability to design and build all types of control panels as well as electrical panels complementing our Automation Solution Division and facilitating the integration of the electrical system with the overall SCADA system. We also offer this service to outside clients as well supplying panels as per their design.


Our Commissioning Division provides 3rd party commissioning management services for Utilities / Industrial Facilities. Our commissioning services include the followings:

  • Prepare the Commissioning and Start-up Manuals
  • Develop the commissioning program
  • Coordinate with the vendors and suppliers of the equipment
  • Manage the commissioning activities
  • Verify the proper commissioning of the facility equipment
  • Administer the operation training
  • Administer the facility integrated performance testing


We are committed to design and supply quality products, full filling customer needs and applicable statutory and regulatory requirement with international and local standards, enhancing our customer satisfaction with continual improvement through effective implementation of quality management system.


To use our know-how, industry knowledge and experience to provide reliable and localized solutions, which deliver value to our clients. To facilitate long-term client relationships, based on trust and integrity which reflect our highest ethical and professional standards.


To provide leading solution in specialized industries such as Power & Water, Oil & Gas projects and innovative technology solutions and services for the different industry segments in which we operate.

Leader in SMART GRID SOLUTIONS for HV, MV and LV power systems

Substation Automation Systems

HV Automation

Compact – Cyber secure Substation Gateway

Compact Solution for T&D substations (Gateway / HMI / HMI + Gateway) Substation's IED integration via industrial communications protocols. Substation gateway. Local and remote HMI through webserver. IED and legacy RTU integration of existing systems. Three modes of operation: Gateway. Connects the substation's IEDs (Level 1) with the control center's SCADA (level 3). HMI. Serves as a local SCADA for substations without remote communications.

Automation Platform for HV and MV Substations

It is an advanced substation automation platform designed specifically for HV and MV substations. Its state-of-the-art technology provides real-time access to hardwired plant data, intelligent IEDs, networked IEC 61850 devices and smart meters. This makes it ideally suited for new substations or upgrade and integration of existing substations.

Protection & Control Relays

P&C relays indexed by application

  • Bus bar Protection
  • Feeder Protection
  • Transformer Protection
  • Breaker Protection
  • Capacitor Bank & Reactance Protection
  • Disturbance Recording
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
  • Industrial Relays
  • Trip Coil Supervision Relay
  • Machine Protection Relay

Substation Automation Communication

Communication has always played a critical role in power systems. Our wide experience and extensive product range for networking, power line carrier & tele-protection applications, enable easy adaptation to power utility requirements.

Product portfolio indexed by application

  • Power-Line Carrier & Tele-protection Systems for HV
  • Substation Networking
  • Line Matching Units & Accessories
  • Telecommunication

Power-Line Carrier & Tele-protection Systems for HV

Distribution Automation Solutions

MV Automation


MV RTU to cover the complete protection of overhead lines.

A combination of a remote terminal unit (RTU), a medium voltage supervision system and a control and automation system specially adapted to be used in overhead lines. System integrates all functions required to cover the complete protection of overhead lines and so, it is applicable in load break switches (LBS) where a supervision of the parameters of the Medium Voltage network is required (measurement of voltages, currents and powers), detection and communication towards the control center of the existence of faults both between phases and between phase and ground, without indication of the directionality of them, automatic isolation of the faulted sections and control from the dispatch of the opening and closing of the switchgears or breakers of the bay.

MV Supervision & Automation RTU for compact RMU.

MV RTU with built-in directional Fault Passage Indicator (FPI) for compact 2 and 3 feeder Ring Main Units (RMU). Cyber secure Monitoring and Automation solution for compact switchgears in underground Distribution Networks. Suitable for a variety of grounding systems (solidly-grounded, impedance grounded, isolated or compensated-Petersen coil grounding). It connects with SCADA and Control Centers systems using standard protocol IEC 60870 5 104, making FLISR solutions possible for Distribution System Operators (DSO).

Multifunction RTU for MV/LV switchgear applications

The USP remote controller is an advanced multipurpose RTU ideally suited to Distribution Automation. Its modular design facilitates the automation of different MV facilities: modern compact RMU, overhead interrupters & reclosers. It offers a cost effective solution for extensible MV/LV switchgear applications and LV feeder monitoring. In addition to standard protocols and features, it supports a larger number of inputs / outputs.


Advanced Directional Fault Detector

Designed to implement MV automation in RMU & re-closer applications with different grounding method (grounded grids, ground isolated grids or compensated via Petersen coil).

Self powered Overcurrent and Breaker Failure Protection Relay with Harmonic Blocking

Smart Metering Solutions

PRIME PLC smart meter | Single phase

PRIME PLC smart meter | Three Phase

Data concentrator units

The main function of a Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) is to continuously poll the metering devices connected to the same secondary substation where it is connected. The retrieved meter data is stored in the DCU and periodically sent to the Management System. DCU model implements identification and removal of meters (plug and play), supervision and control, synchronization of meters, programmable tasks, and many other functions.

Smart Metering Data Concentrator for secondary substations

Compact metering data concentrator with cellular communications